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The importance of the stone installation


Stone Service is a company specialised in installing and setting up natural stone, both on the national and international markets.
Stone Service means Made in Italy at its highest standards, thanks to the expertise of our craftmen and the quality of the materials. Our only goal is to bring abroad the same elegance and taste that made italian architecture so renowned all over the world. From the most outstanding style to the finest classicism, from the traditional methods to the newest technology, we will be able to find the best solution for your project, enriching every ambient of your home or your luxury boutique.

From project to realisation


We can offer a 360° service and this is without any doubt our strongest points. From project to realisation, there will be a passionate professional on your side to guide you through the vastity of the architectural stone sector. A vaste culture mixed with the smartest expertise turn natural stone into a real piece of design, with solutions that can beauty every ambient and every surface. Materials from all over the world are cut and carved by the wise hands of our craftmen who know how to create refined and exclusive atmospheres. This is the reason why Stone Service is chosen every day by clients and companies to work on prestigious projects all over the world, from public places and private mansions, all the way to the most exclusive boutiques and hotels in the world.

Our references

Marocco, Ifran, Residenza estiva privata
Milano, via Turati, Valentino Boutique, posa pavimentazioni in pvc
Strasburgo, Louis vuitton boutique, posa di moquette per boutique
Milano, via Gesù, Versace Boutique, riparazione pavimentazioni in marmo
Londra, Old Bond street, Valentino Boutique, posa in opera pavimenti in pvc
Svizzera, Andermatt, Chedi Hotel, pavimenti, rivestimenti e ambienti in marmo
Parigi, Rue st Honore’ Repossi Jewelry boutique, fornitura e posa di pavimenti in resina
Parigi, Place de l’opera, Benetton boutique, fornitura e posa pavimenti in pietra grey stone
Condino, Via Roma, posa Pavimenti e Rivestimenti ceramici e mosaico per le piscine comunali
Cannes, Boulevard de la croisette, Louis Vuitton boutique, posa pavimenti e scale pvc e moquette
Parigi, Giorge V, Givenchy, bocciardatura scale ingresso sede in pietra di trani, posa bagno mosaico
Montecarlo (beausoleil), Avenues de C. A. N., residence, fornitura e posa pavimenti e bagni in bianco perlino
Mosca, Barvikha, Rublevo-Uspenskoe shosse, Valentino, supervisione all’installazione delle opere della boutique

"La pietra. La persona distratta vi è inciampata. Quella violenta, l’ha usata come arma. L’imprenditore l’ha usata per costruire. Il contadino stanco invece come sedia. Per i bambini è un giocattolo. Davide uccide Golia e Michelangelo ne fece la più bella scultura. In ogni caso, la differenza non l’ha fatta la pietra, ma l’uomo. Non esiste pietra nel tuo cammino che tu non possa sfruttare per la tua crescita."




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